Water Resource Engineer Position Wanted

Dear Hiring Manager,

Water has always made me wonder. I’ve watched it tumble from mountains, drip into cups of coffee, dislodge entire houses, and trickle over my skin, all the while being awestruck by the fact that this is the resource to which I can attribute my existence, and yours. This fascination led me to attain a degree in civil engineering with an emphasis in water resources.

In addition to my potential and enthusiasm about water resource engineering, I have a multi-disciplinary and diverse track record that represents my unique skill set and passions. Here are a few highlights:

– Modelled the subbasins which drain into Ralston Reservoir using HEC-HMS based on historic and current precipitation data while interning for Denver Water’s Dam Safety Department

– Designed a river crossing for a small potable water pipeline as well as a chlorination system for the community of Huacapongo, Peru with Engineers Without Borders

– Conducted research for Jim Collins’ Good to Great Project, working proactively in independent and small group settings to generate 20+ page reports to answer various questions that will be the subjects of Mr. Collins’ future books

– Developed strong written and verbal communication skills during my position as a teaching assistant for the Global Engineering Residential Academic Program at CU and as an office assistant for the College of Engineering Dean’s Office

Connecting these multifaceted experiences is an unwavering standard of excellence in all that I do. My wide range of interests make me an effective multi-tasker and an integrated, systematic thinker. My insatiable curiosity drives me to gain new skills very quickly and to undertake difficult and/or ambiguous tasks with a positive attitude and self-motivated rigor. I believe that my personality, my experiences, and my passion for water resource engineering would make me a stellar addition any team, and I would be thrilled to discuss further developing myself as an engineer and a young professional with your company.

Please feel free to email or call 303-325-6996 with any questions.


Midori Patterson



2150 Chestnut Circle

Erie, CO, 80516