Energy and Climate Program Associate

San Juan Citizens Alliance is seeking a full-time Energy and Climate Program Associate. The Energy and Climate Program Associate focuses on public outreach, education and organizing to advance campaigns to mitigate climate change by addressing fossil fuel extraction, energy production,and electricity generation and utilization in the San Juan Basin of northwest New Mexico and southwest Colorado. As the era of coal ends in the San Juan Basin, the Program Associate mobilizes public sentiment to encourage energy transition by utilities and rural electric cooperatives that advances renewable energy sources as replacement power,and supports strong local leadership for implementation of statewide greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. The position provides support for campaigns to reduce impacts of climate change from energy extraction and associated methane pollution.The position is based in Farmington, New Mexico or Durango, Colorado.

The ideal candidate has the passion for creating change at the local level by empowering residents to advocate for themselves and their communities. They apply expertise in community outreach and organizing in a diverse policy environment.They have the ability to communicate technical subjects in formats readily accessible by the public at large.

About San Juan Citizens Alliance

San Juan Citizens Alliance (SJCA) was formed in 1986 and advocates for clean air, pure water, and healthy lands –the foundations of resilient communities, ecosystems and economies in the San Juan Basin. Over its 35-year history, SJCA has successfully advocated for protection of communities from the impacts of energy extraction and production, defeated proposed power plants, safeguarded undeveloped valleys, and secured wild lands protections, among many conservation victories. Our strength is premised on outreach and engagement of local residents and communities, providing them the tools to effectively engage with decision-makers to implement policies that advance conservation. SJCA is headquartered in Durango, Colorado with a satellite office in Farmington, New Mexico. We are a small, tight organization with a staff of eight, and enjoy supportive roles among our staff.

Job Responsibilities

The Energy and Climate Program Associate works across SJCA’s climate program work spanning the San Juan Basin of both New Mexico and Colorado. The program associate works in close collaboration with our Energy and Climate Program Manager based in Farmington.

San Juan Basin Energy Transition

Amplify the public will for a diverse economy that incorporates environmental remediation and renewable energy in San Juan County, New Mexico as replacement for coal-fired electric generation. Duties include:
•Recruit and organize New Mexico residents to advocate for renewable energy, and for diversified economic opportunities in northwest New Mexico.
•Design and maintain a campaign plan for regional energy transition and engaging allies in implementing the plan.
•Design and disseminate educational messaging and materials (print and online)to gather public support for transition and diversification.
•Organize outreach events, forums, tours, and other activities to advance the campaign message and implementation.
•Mobilize SJCA members and community members to participate in public agency processes, meetings with local and state officials, comment periods, and hearings.
•Build relationships with key decision-makers, opinion leaders, and influencers.
•Collaborate with allied conservation and tribal organizations in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and elsewhere in New Mexico to advance the campaign.

Southwest Colorado Utility Transition

Spearhead the effort to replace coal-generation provided by Tri-State to local rural electric cooperatives via following activities:
•Organize a coalition of local partners to frame and facilitate the transition of Southwest Colorado to local, renewable energy.
•Engage rural electric cooperative members in supporting co-op transitions to renewable energy, and identifying and supporting new community leaders.
•Represent SJCA in interactions with other Tri-State rural electric cooperative memberships for possible collaborations.
•Design and maintain a campaign plan for regional energy transition and engaging stakeholders in implementing the plan.•Design and disseminate educational messaging and materials via blogs,social media and action alerts.

Climate and Energy Campaigns

Support SJCA climate and energy campaigns by identifying and elevating the voices of San Juan Basin residents in ongoing campaigns:
•Monitor and network with statewide and national coalitions focused on improved methane regulation and pollution reduction at state and federal levels.
•Activate local communities to advance greenhouse gas emission reductions identified in local and state action plans.
•Participate in local, regional and national initiatives and campaigns on Just Transition for impacted communities.
•Organize on oil and gas campaigns such as Resource Management Plan updates affecting Chaco and surrounding communities, scheduled oil and gas lease sales, and specific energy projects.


We are seeking a flexible, inquisitive, problem solver with outstanding people skills and organizational abilities. The ideal candidate possesses:
•Passion for achieving significant climate change policies through local action.
•Experience with environmental, social, and economic justice issues,particularly around aspects of climate change, energy, or local economies.
•Interest and knowledge of climate and energy public policy.
•Experience organizing events and recruiting and managing volunteers.
•Comfortable discussing local, state, and federal conservation issues with the media, business owners, local elected officials, partner organizations, and a diverse array of community members.
•Creativity and critical thinking when brainstorming and problem-solving.
•Ability to grapple with new information, quickly grasp central points, and distill that information for members and the public.
•Natural affinity for engaging with diverse community stakeholders and partners, including those with competing viewpoints.
•Solid writing and editing skills.
•Strong public speaking abilities.
•Working knowledge of social media tools.
•Willingness to embed themself with community supporters across the San Juan Basin including Farmington, Aztec, Durango and Cortez.

Compensation and Benefits

This is a full-time, salaried position with generous vacation benefits that include 25 days of paid time off in the first year, health-care coverage, and employer-matched retirement plan. Professional training opportunities are provided. Starting salary range is $40,000 based on experience.

To Apply

Send a cover letter and resume with the subject line, “Energy and Climate Program Associate” to will be reviewed starting March 15, 2021.