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Current Officers

These are the people currently working at CEMS.

Brad Coleman
Brad ColemanPresident

Secondary Position: Committee Member – Fall Conference
Current Employer: Senior Associate, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Inc., 9785 Maroon Circle, Suite 400, Centennial, CO 80112, (303) 362-2335
Email: bacoleman@burnsmcd.com

Brad Coleman is a Senior Associate with Burns & McDonnell’s Denver regional office. A native of South Dakota, he has a BS in Geological Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. Brad is a single dad with a 19 year old daughter. He enjoys concerts and sporting events, racquetball and exercise/fitness. He came to Colorado in 1992 after a short stint working in southern California and has 30 years of professional experience.

Mr. Coleman is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah and Arizona. He has extensive experience in regulatory negotiation/permitting/compliance, project and program management, engineering design, quality assurance, resource allocation, health and safety, operations management and business development. Mr. Coleman specializes in permitting, designing, constructing, remediating and closing solid and hazardous waste landfills, mine tailings and industrial waste repositories, surface impoundments, methane barriers, and drainage facilities. He has successfully managed numerous large Federal, State, and private contracts with project revenues of up to $8M. In recent years, Brad has worked on several redevelopment/brownfield projects involving old landfills where he has provided expertise in geotechnical and foundation considerations; active and passive landfill gas and vapor intrusion control systems; utility design and construction; landscaping and paving accommodations; site drainage; and both liner and cover systems.

David Lipson
David LipsonVice-President

Secondary Position: Committee Chair – Membership and Committee Member – Fall Conference and Scholarship
Current Employer: Technical Expert, HSE LLC, www.hydrose.co (303) 425-1199 (office)
Email: dave.lipson@hydroSE.co

David S. Lipson, Ph.D., P.G. is an independent consultant specializing in groundwater and surface-water hydrology, groundwater-surface water interactions, fate and transport of contaminants, and groundwater remediation. Dr. Lipson brings more than 25 years of experience working throughout the US and internationally solving complicated water and environmental problems. He has taught groundwater engineering and remediation courses as an adjunct at Colorado School of Mines. He is an editor of the journal Ground Water and serves on the Board of Directors of the Scientists and Engineers Division of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).

Jacki Malone
Jacki MalonePast-President

Secondary Position: Committee Member – Monthly Programs
Current Employer: Vice President, Aquionix, Inc., 3700 East 41st Avenue, Denver, CO 80216, (303)289-7520
Email: jmalone@aquionix.com

I was born on the other side of the world. Literally. My family and I immigrated from South Africa to Colorado Springs in the early 80’s. My brother and I were both quite small – ages 2 and 4 – so although we don’t have many early memories of Johannesburg, we have spent many Christmas holidays on the beach with many members of our family that still live in South Africa. I do love the snow, but there is something wonderful about swimming in the sea on Christmas day!

After high school, I attended CSU in Fort Collins with grandiose ideas of becoming a game ranger patrolling some wild African reserve. Reality set in about 2 years in to my college career, and I settled on the environmental engineering program in lieu of an uncomfortable uniform and dangerous poachers. I very much enjoyed my college career – I was heavily involved in the club sports program as president of the club sports association as well as several years of acting captain of the CSU women’s soccer team. Between engineering, soccer and socializing, time flew by and as graduation approached rapidly in December 2001, I realized I needed to find some sort of employment…but only after I’d backpacked through Europe for a month! I would highly recommend this experience to anyone and everyone at any age!

In 2010, my husband and I tied the knot among family and friends in Colorado Springs in the middle of the most beautiful garden which doubles as a nursery during normal business hours. As if we hadn’t taken on enough, we were also in the middle of purchasing a foreclosure in the Highlands that we planned to remodel over the following few months. Both Justin and I LOVE real estate, and as I look back on the month of our wedding, I’m surprised we didn’t bail on some of the wedding festivities to pursue the deal and start the renovations! We still live in the house and love every second of it – we’ve made it our own and look forward to several more years in the house. And the next real estate project…whether we add to our rental fleet or do a fix and flip, well, it’s always on the horizon and if you’ve got a deal, let me know!!

I started my career with Weston Solutions in 2002 where I was afforded some incredible experiences such as acting as a START team leader for the Columbia Shuttle Recovery emergency response and oversight of the triple-lined hazardous waste landfill construction at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Following my time at Weston Solutions, I worked for ERM here in Denver where I was lucky enough to work in the mountains for several months characterizing soil and groundwater for the planned redevelopment of an old mine site. In 2006, I was offered a position with SoundEarth Strategies, Inc. in Denver through a contact I had worked with at Weston Solutions (it is very, very worthwhile to maintain your network!!). I accepted the position and worked with the SoundEarth crew for 5 ½ years performing remediation system design and installation oversight. In July 2011 I started with Aquionix, Inc., and I have to say that I have been challenged with each project along the way. As with the other companies I have been so fortunate to work for, Aquionix has certainly offered my some incredible learning opportunities in the oil and gas, mining, and asphalt industries managing compliance and permitting aspects.

I have very much enjoyed being a part of CEMS and am looking forward to serving on the Board in the year to come!

John Fontana
John FontanaTreasurer

Current Employer: President/CEO/Professional Geologist, Vista Geoscience LLC, 130 Capital Drive, Suite C, Golden, CO 80401, (303) 277-1694
Email: jfontana@vistageoscience.com

John Fontana is a Professional Geologist and serves as President/CEO and part owner of Vista GeoScience LLC, a Golden, Colorado, based service company that provides a variety of support services to environmental consulting/engineering firms and the oil/gas and mineral exploration industries. He oversees all operations including environmental drilling (Geoprobe®), injection remediation services, geochemical sampling crews, baseline and forensic water well investigations, mobile and fixed based laboratory operations, and specialty laboratory methods. John pioneered and introduced many of these services in the Rocky Mountain region and has supervised many Triad type environmental site characterizations and remediation projects at major DOD, DOE, landfills, and other industrial sites across the country.

John is not only a board member of CEMS, but also a member of CGWA, CWWCA, NGWA, AAPG, AEG, RMAG, RMAEP, SAME, NDIA, and SWANA. Recently nominated, he is currently serving on the EPA Scientific Advisory Board on Hydraulic Fracturing. Previously he has provided expert testimony in the area of soil gas migration issues. John holds a BS degree in Geology, Oceanography and Physics from Humboldt State University and is a Licensed Water Well Driller/Pump Installer in several states.

John’s 30 years of experience includes geochemical exploration, well site geology, environmental site investigations, direct-push technology, in-situ remediation design and implementation, acquisition and analysis of soil gas for trace components, environmental baseline studies, trace level natural gas and atmospheric gases, and environmental contaminant sampling and analysis, forensic analysis, statistical data analysis and interpretation of trace element data. He has significant experience in the application of soil gas geochemistry for both exploration and environmental investigations. He has also provided expert testimony in the area of trace natural gas analysis and natural gas seep related issues.

In 1986, John founded and was President of Direct Geochemical Surveys Inc., a soil gas resource exploration company. He expanded services into the environmental industry and pioneered the use of direct-push drilling and mobile laboratory services in the Rocky Mountain region. He merged with TEG Rocky Mountain in 1996, and then changed the name to ESN Rocky Mountain and becoming the largest direct-push and mobile laboratory service company in the region. In 2006, John formed and started Vista GeoScience LLC with additional business partners and later became President and CEO.

John lives in the southwest Denver metro area in the Ken-Caryl Valley with his wife, Keiko Fontana. He also enjoys time with his daughter Christina, now a graduate of CSU, and son David, who is still a student at CSU (GO RAMS!). He volunteered as Scout Master of Boy Scout Troop 47 where he enjoyed backpacking, camping and canoeing in the Rocky Mountains while teaching leadership and outdoor skills to young men. He still enjoys skiing, boating, fishing and hiking in Colorado, as well as the occasional Rockies game!

You can link up with John at http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnvfontana
VISTA GEOSCIENCE LLC; 130 Capital Drive, Suite C, Golden, Colorado 80401
Work Phone: 303-277-1694,

Noreen Okubo
Noreen OkuboSecretary and EPA Liason

Current Employer: Air Permit Engineer, US EPA Region 8, 1595 Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO 80202-1129, (303)312-6646
Email: Okubo.noreen@epa.gov

Noreen Okubo is recent transfer to the EPA Region 8 Air Permit and Monitoring Unit as a Title V Air Permit Writer.

Noreen has spent most of her environmental career in the RCRA program, first as a mixed waste (hazardous and low level radioactive) permit writer for Gary Baughman at CDPHE (Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment). After a year, she went to the DOE (Department of Energy) at Rocky Flats and worked in three programs, Waste Management, Environment Safety and Health and finally in Project Management and Engineering with Dale Stewart. Dale Stewart was the founder of the Mile High Chapter of the Project Management Institute. After Rocky Flats closed she moved to EPA Region 8 in the RCRA Corrective Action program. Last year Noreen transferred into the Air Permitting program to assist with the Air Permit backlog for oil and natural gas permits in Indian Country. It’s refreshing for her to be working with chemical engineering processes and units where the molecules still abide by the thermodynamic properties they always have.

Board Members

Our board members

Andy Horn
Andy HornBoard Member

Secondary Position: Committee Members – Monthly Program
Current Employer: PG, Westwater Hydrology LLC, 7175 W. 42nd Avenue, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, (303)456-1981
Email: AndyHorn2020@gmail.com

Brian LaFlamme
Brian LaFlammeBoard Member

Secondary Position: Committee Chair – Golf
Current Employer: Senior Geochemist/Senior Project Manager/Facility Manager, Nationwide Environmental Services, Inc., 14818 6th Avenue West, Suite 5A,Golden, CO 80401, (303) 232-2134
Email: blaflamme@nationwideenv.com

Brian LaFlamme is a geochemist/project manager with Nationwide Environmental Services, Inc. (NES) in Golden, Colorado. NES is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm specializing in managing the operation and maintenance of Superfund sites across the country. At NES, Brian performs and supervises fieldwork; conducts data validation, data management, and data evaluation for the on-going projects; and prepares reports for the agencies and clients.

Originally from the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts, Brian entered the U.S. Navy out of high school and became an antisubmarine warfare operator tracking submarines aboard a P-3 Orion. After 4 years of service, Brian went to college and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, Chemistry, and a minor in mathematics at Bridgewater State University (Magna Cum Laude) and his Master of Science in Chemical Oceanography at the University of Washington. Brian’s Master’s thesis incorporated the formation of thorium-carbonate complexes in the laboratory with MINEQL, a chemical equilibrium model. While working as an oceanographer at UW, Brian studied water-rock interactions and videoed ‘black smokers’ off the Juan de Fuca Ridge. He experienced the bottom of the ocean in ALVIN, the submarine from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Brian joined Harding Lawson Associates in 1988 and left in 1999 to pursue the life of an independent consultant and the culinary world before joining NES in 2006.

Brian has evaluated geochemical data to assess the natural background concentration of metals for active mine sites; interpreted radioisotope data to delineate multiple aquifers at complex sites; conducted numerous fate and transport modeling efforts; and managed multi-million dollar Superfund CERCLA projects through the RI/FS and RD/RA processes. Brian currently manages long-term remediation operation and maintenance actions at Superfund sites, and provides technical and regulatory strategies to NES clients to minimize their exposure to environmental liabilities. Outside the rigors of the consulting world, Brian enjoys cross-country skiing and hiking with his wife and dog; golfing with his friends, colleagues, and clients; and sharing culinary creations.

Chelsea Grossi
Chelsea GrossiBoard Member

Secondary Position: Committee Chair – Monthly Program
Current Employer: Attorney, Davis Graham & Stubbs, LLP, 1550 17th Street, Suite 500, Denver, CO 80202, (303)892-7491
Email: chelsea.grossi@dgslaw.com

Cindy Fischer
Cindy FischerBoard Member

Secondary Position: Committee Chair – Spring Movie Event
Current Employer: Waste Control Specialists, LLC (303)988-3611
Email: cindy.fischer@q.com

Fonda Apostolopoulos
Fonda ApostolopoulosBoard Member and CDPHE Liason

Secondary Position: Committee Member – Fall Conference and Co-Chair Scholarship
Current Employer: CDPHE, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, Denver, CO 80246-1530, (303)692-3411
Email: fonda.apostolopoulos@state.co.us

Fonda Apostolopoulos works for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). He runs the Voluntary Cleanup program and is the Brownfields coordinator. He has worked for CDPHE for over 22 years and has worked as an On-Scene Coordinator and Project Manager on various Superfund Sites. His sites vary from smelting sites to volatile organic compounds in groundwater, to radioactive cleanup sites.

Joe Dischinger
Joe DischingerBoard Member

Secondary Position: Committee Member – Fall Conference and Scholarship
Current Employer: Director, Litigation Attorney and Problem Solver, Environmental and Water Law, Fairfield and Woods, P.C., 1801 California Street, Suite 2600, Denver, CO 80202-2645, (303) 894-4404
Email: jdischinger@fwlaw.com

Joe Dischinger grew up in rural Virginia within a half-hour of Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown, and spent a lot of time in and on the water, swimming, sailing, fishing, crabbing and walking on the shoreline. He co-founded an environmental group when he was twelve.
Joe got his B.A. and J.D. from the University of Virginia. It was in law school that his interest in natural resources law took a foothold. He answered an ad by a Denver firm for a clerk in their natural resources department, got the job, and moved to Denver. He has thirty years of experience in environmental and water law, commercial litigation, and trial and appellate work. His clients include large corporations, individuals, non-profit organizations, citizen coalitions, and one of the largest ditch companies in Colorado.

Joe received the Champions for Children Award from the Rocky Mountain Children’s Law Center for developing the Denver Warm Welcome Court Child Care Center, a free, drop-in child care center for families with business at the Denver courts. He was the Denver Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyer of the Year in 1998, and President of the Denver Bar Association in 2003-2004. Joe has been on the Board of CEMS since 2011 and is currently serving as its Treasurer.

Joe enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Sally, and their equally civic-minded daughter, Hannah, who he is proud to say graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in biology and environmental science.

Committee Members

Our committee members

Bruce Marshall
Bruce MarshallCo-Chair Scholarship

Current Employer: Geochemist, Marshall Environmental Solutions, LLC, PO Box 271228, Louisville, CO 80027, (720)708-8329
Email: bruce@marshallH2O.com

Bruce Marshall is a geochemist and founder of Marshall Environmental Solutions, LLC. Bruce is originally from the Washington DC area and spent much of his youth enjoying the Chesapeake Bay and the woodlands of rural Virginia. After receiving a BS in Geology from the University of Maryland and a MS in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia, he and his wife, Robin, moved to Austin, Texas where they lived and worked for four years. Bruce and Robin then moved to Boulder in 1988 where they raised two children and several dogs.

Bruce is a Registered Professional Geologist in Texas, Wyoming and Virginia and Qualified Person under NI 43-101 rules. He has over 30 years of environmental consulting experience on a wide range of mining, energy and water resources projects. His project work has included assessing the fate and transport of metals, inorganics, organics, radionuclides and natural gas in soil, surface water, groundwater, lacustrine, and estuarine settings throughout North America.

Bruce has served as the Project Manager for several large Abandoned Mine Land (AML) projects under CERCLA, on mine permitting projects in the US and Canada, and on water management projects for both the mining and energy sectors. He has authored Use Attainability Analyses (UAA) to modify stream water quality standards and use classifications, developed trading programs to provide discharge credits, and testified before the Water Quality Control Commission to revise stream standards.

Dave Rowland
Dave RowlandCommittee Member - Golf

Current Employer: Waste Management of Colorado, 5500 S. Quebec Street, Suite 250, Denver, CO, 80111 (303)517-9682
Email: drowlan1@wm.com

Glen Vallance
Glen VallanceCommittee Member - Fall Conference

Current Employer: Associate Hydrologist, Environmental Services Manager, CGRS, Inc., 1301 Academy Court, Ft. Collins, CO, 80524, (970)493-7780
Email: glen@cgrs.com

Juliana Reid
Juliana ReidCEMS Administrative Assistant

Secondary Position: Website Administrator
Current Employer: Administrative Assistant, CO Environmental Management Society (CEMS), PO Box 2426, Evergreen, CO 80437-2426
Email: admin@coems.org

Born in England to Italian and American parents, Juliana immigrated to the U.S. in 1972. She was raised in New Jersey and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (with a minor in Philosophy) from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. After moving to Colorado in 1992, she and her husband Dave raised two children while enjoying all that the Centennial state has to offer. She enjoys skiing, movies, reading, author lectures, and travel. She is also enjoying being an empty nester.

Since 1999, she has kept herself busy being a Scout leader (both boys and girls), a PTA President at preschool, elementary school (twice), middle school, and high school (twice). She has been substitute teaching for Jeffco Public Schools from 2006 – 2015, and is currently the librarian at King-Murphy Elementary School in Evergreen, CO.

Juliana has been with CEMS as Administrative Assistant since 2009.

Maggie Mandell
Maggie MandellCommittee Member - Spring Movie Event

Current Employer: Environmental Engineer, Versar, 896 S. Washington Street, Denver, CO, 80209, (301)943-2830
Email: mmandell@jmwaller.com

Monica Genadio
Monica GenadioCommittee Member - Spring Movie Event

Current Employer: Founder, Environmental Science Partners, LLC, 924 South Gaylord Street, Denver, CO 80209, (720)936-1694
Email: mgenadio@gmail.com

Steve Brauner
Steve BraunerCommittee Chair - Fall Conference

Current Employer: Integral Consulting, Inc., 285 Century Place, Suite 190, Louisville, CO, 80027, (720)465-3352
Email: sbrauner@integral-corp.com

Dr. Steve Brauner is a registered professional engineer with a demonstrated history of excellence in project management, site investigation, and the identification and implementation of effective solutions to a wide range of environmental challenges. During 15+ years of professional practice, Dr. Brauner has specialized in design and implementation of cost-effective, technically-sound approaches for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. His designs consider and incorporate green remediation practices that reduce cost, carbon footprint, and greenhouse gas emissions using a combination of beneficial reuse, waste minimization, conversion of remedial systems from active to passive systems, and use of renewable energy sources.

Dr. Brauner has managed multidisciplinary technical teams at multiple sites across the globe, and has led regulatory negotiations under CERCLA, RCRA, and multiple state regulatory frameworks to achieve complete or partial shutdown of remediation systems that were no longer effective. Remedial designs that have been implemented by Dr. Brauner significantly improved the performance of existing remedies by optimizing system operations and/or directly reducing contaminant mass in source areas. Dr. Brauner has used his extensive experience with conceptual site model development and dynamic work plans to identify critical data gaps and expedite the collection of supplemental data necessary to ensure that implemented remedies were optimized for performance and cost. The end result of these efforts has been a consistent reduction in life cycle costs and environmental liability for his clients. His experience also includes litigation support and evaluation/testing of water supply projects in Colorado, Bolivia, and Honduras.

Dr. Brauner’s technical acumen is supported and complemented by excellent communication, organization, leadership, and collaboration skills. His extensive practical knowledge and consulting experience enable him to deliver solutions that are scientifically rigorous, technically feasible, cost-effective, timely, and consistent with all applicable state and federal regulations. Looking ahead, Dr. Brauner remains eager to collaborate with and support existing and new clients in reducing the cost, carbon footprint, timeframe, and overall liability for achieving a remediation endpoint for contaminated sites, both large and small.

Tylene Lichtenburg
Tylene LichtenburgCommittee Member - Golf

Current Employer: Rocky Mountain Sales Representative, ESC Lab Sciences, 716 E. 1st Avenue, Denver, CO, 80203, (303)921-8217
Email: tlichtenberg@esclabsciences.com