RMSS-AWMA virtual lunch – Dan Zimmerle, Director of the Methane Emissions Program at CSU – 5/17

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Please join RMSS for their next virtual AWMA lunch meeting; where they will hear from Dan Zimmerle, Director of the Methane Emissions Program at CSU.

The meeting will be held online via Microsoft Teams, from 12PM-1PM, on Wednesday, May 17th.

If you plan to attend this meeting, please RSVP to Bethany Moffat  (bethany@applewoodenvironmental.com).

Presentation Overview: Regulatory and stakeholder pressures have made accurate accounting of methane emissions a priority for most O&G operators.  Using next-generation monitoring solutions to replace on-site measurements (like OGI screens) is a hot topic for methane accounting.  Zimmerle will discuss the latest controlled testing results for monitoring solutions and recent progress on understanding the equally hot topic of Measurement Informed Inventories.

Dan Zimmerle is Director of the Methane Emissions Program at CSU. Zimmerle was a principal investigator on four major studies of methane emissions in the natural gas supply chain, including studies of upstream, midstream, and distribution systems at a nation and/or regional scale, and leads the Methane Emissions Technology Evaluation Center (METEC), one of the largest test facilities for natural gas leak detection solutions. Zimmerle’s current research on natural gas emissions includes studies of equipment and pipeline emissions, field studies, and fundamental investigations of commonly utilized several leak detection and quantification methods, including optical gas imaging (OGI), high flow sampling, and downwind methods.

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