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RMAEP presents Lower Arkansas River Basin BMP Program

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BMPs Abstract

The Lower Arkansas River Basin in Colorado has been studied for years for high selenium, nitrate, and phosphate loading, and no true implementation projects have been installed to help with the high concentrations. In 2017 Mike Weber through Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District started installing Best Management Practices (BMPs) on non-point source lands to help prove what the models were showing. As of May 1, 2021 there are over 42 installed projects ranging from irrigation efficiency adaptations, pond linings, soil health, riparian buffer zones, ditch conversions, and many more.

Mike Weber Bio

Mike Weber, a former employee of Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District (Lower Ark), works on a variety of projects to benefit water users in the Arkansas River Basin between Pueblo Reservoir and the Colorado-Kansas Stateline. He has a focus on water quality Best Management Practices (BMPs) and their effect on the river and downstream water rights users while trying to find the nexus between water quality and water quantity. His interest in water quality is focused on bringing the impaired waters into compliance through nonpoint source applications while maintaining water rights through the Colorado Kansas Compact. Through all of the projects combined Mike runs and operates 42 different BMPs across five counties accounting or just over 4 million dollars. Mike also assists in the operation of the Super Ditch’s Catlin Lease-Fallow Pilot Project and Interruptible Water Supply Agreement, Lower Ark’s Rule 10 irrigation improvement plans, Lower Ark’s implementation of a soil health program, watershed edge of field monitoring network, and various other water rights projects. Mike obtained a degree in civil engineering from Colorado State University and has focused on water resources engineering since then. Mike serves on the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission, Colorado Water Equity Task Force, Arkansas Basin Roundtable, and on the Fountain Creek Watershed, Flood Control, and Greenway District Board.


Thursday, May 27, 2021
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM


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