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Geosyntec Consultants presents What is that Smell? An Update on Odor Science and Litigation

Thu, Aug 6, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM MDT

As populations in large cities have increased, odor complaints near industrial facilities have also increased. Regulatory agencies address odor complaints under nuisance air regulations. While nuisance regulations are not new, increased public awareness has created higher expectations for regulatory agency action to address odor complaints. Social media provides a platform for community groups to increase awareness of odors and the regulatory agency’s response to odor complaints. Social media is used to garner public support for regulatory agencies to conduct more frequent inspections, increase monitoring requirements, and restrict air emissions from industrial sources that are perceived to generate odors. Sometimes these social media campaigns can be targeted at the facility that is not actually creating the odors and can be used by community groups to force facilities to move or close their operations. Increased scrutiny from regulatory agencies and community groups can also lead to potential litigation. It is critical for industrial facilities to mitigate exposure to such claims and to develop plans to address potential concerns. This webinar will provide details of odor measurement and modeling as a method to address regulatory concerns. Case studies involving industrial sources attempting to mitigate claims of public harm as a result of industrial odors will be presented and discussed.
Michelle De Blasi, Law Office of Michelle De Blasi
Kate Graf, PE, (DE), Geosyntec Consultants
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