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Colorado Oil and Gas Association presents The 33rd Annual Energy Summit on August 24, 2021

As we globally recover from a tumultuous year and begin reestablishing the foundations of our daily life, there remains many unknowns in the oil and gas industry locally, nationally, and globally. Rapidly shifting economic conditions paired with ongoing regulatory changes create a landscape unlike anything we have seen before. What are solutions to today’s issues?

As leaders in the energy industry, COGA’s role has never been more critical. As they identify solutions for today and knowledge for tomorrow, they will be doing much more than simply shaping their own future in oil and gas. COGA will be a leading force in creating a better, brighter future for our communities and our state.

Join COGA for their 33rd annual conference and set your expectations high as they identify the bold solutions that will shape our tomorrow. 

Details and reservations may be found here. (online and in person)


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