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Please note, this is a repeat for the May 12 CEMS Webinar

Topic: Low-Intensity Electrochemical Redox Reactions for Contaminant Remediation in Clay & Silt Matrices

Speaker: Dr. Song Jin, Advanced Environmental Technologies and Adjunct Professor at the University of Wyoming

Time: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 – 11:45am-1pm, please hop on a few minutes early

Location: Webinar

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CEMS November webinar presentation notes – updated


 Most in situ treatment technologies for chlorinated solvents require good physical permeability of the contaminated matrix and the availability of mass tends to adsorb on the solid matrix.  Tight formations such as clay and silts present a significant challenge.  The slow back diffusion of contaminants from less permeable soils into groundwater exacerbates the situation, resulting in extended treatment time and high cost.

The concept of low-intensity electrochemical redox reactions found its new applications in treating contaminants in a number field projects.  The process achieves multiple electrochemical reactions in the contaminated matrix, including 1) direct and fast reductive de-chlorination of chlorinated solvents through the beta elimination pathway that does not generate intermediates of chlorinated ethenes; 2) alteration of solid-water interface for an enhanced desorption of contaminants from solids into water phase; 3) lowering redox potential rapidly in the matrix, which favors biological reductive de-chlorination and extends longevity of other electron donating compounds; and 4) synergy with other remedial technologies such as ISCO, ISCR, and injections of electron donors and carbon material.  This presentation will focus on the field case studies (brownfield projects) of using the low-intensity electrochemical redox reactions for in situ treatment of PCE and TCE in the subsurface dominated by clay and silts.  Field data suggest that this new method could serve as a useful tool to help achieve cost-effective compliance goals, especially in an otherwise challenging tight formation.

Dr. Song Jin is the founder of Advanced Environmental Technologies (Fort Collins, CO) and Adjunct Professor at the University of Wyoming. Song has 20+ years of experience in technological innovation and implementation.  He is one of the pioneers and a leading practitioner in the niche of bioelectrochemical redox techniques for in situ remediation of contaminants.  Song received his Ph.D. in 1997 from the University of Wyoming.  He has published 80+ papers in peer-reviewed journals, 100+ papers in technical conferences, and four book chapters.  He also holds 30 US and international patents. Prior to AET, Song served as a Principal Scientist at MWH and Western Research Institute.

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