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Topic:  LNAPL Transmissivity:  Scientific Overview, Technology, Regulations, and Case Studies

Speaker: Lisa Reyenga, P.E., Senior Engineer, and Camille Carter, Senior Geologist at GEI Consultants

Time: Tuesday, May 14 12, 11:30am-1pm

Location: PLEASE note the change of location for this meeting.  CEMS will be meeting at Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP, 1550 17th Street, Suite 500 (5th Floor), Denver, CO 80202. When entering the building, please proceed to the fifth floor to register with the CEMS representative.

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Sites impacted by light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) present unique challenges for site management and remediation.  Understanding LNAPL transmissivity and recoverability is a key component of the conceptual site model.  In many cases LNAPL transmissivity is the preferred metric by industry professionals for use at sites impacted with LNAPL to satisfy the “maximum extent practicable” recovery criteria rather than relying on measured apparent LNAPL thickness in wells.  The importance of collecting accurate and reliable transmissivity data is more apparent as the metric gains nationwide regulatory acceptance and may be used to advance sites toward remediation and regulatory end points.

LNAPL transmissivity is a consistent and universal metric for analyzing LNAPL hydraulic recoverability and it provides a discrete numerical value that: (1) has nationwide regulatory precedent and acceptance; (2) has been confirmed and/or endorsed by a number of researchers; and (3) can indicate a point at which recovery (or further recovery) of LNAPL may be considered “infeasible.”  Collecting LNAPL transmissivity measurements can be done with recovery data analysis and a variety of field tests.  GEI will cover the basics of LNAPL transmissivity field testing/analysis, method applicability, and practical case studies.  We will also discuss the local Colorado regulatory environment as it relates to transmissivity and as it compares with other states.

This information is pertinent to attorneys advising clients who are remediating or buying and selling contaminated property.  Transmissivity and recoverability explain how LNAPL moves within, and may be extracted from, the subsurface – i.e. soil and groundwater.  Environmental attorneys need to understand transmissivity and recoverability when advising clients and discussing potential remediation options with clients, regulators, and environmental consultants.  Understanding the movement of contaminants/LNAPL in the subsurface is also important to the evaluation of risks and liabilities when clients are buying and selling contaminated property because transmissivity is part of the equation for determining the potential for contamination to migrate to neighboring properties.

Lisa Reyenga, P.E., Senior Engineer, is a technical lead in GEI Consultants Oil and Gas Remediation team. She has 12 years of experience, specializing in risk-based remediation of NAPL. She has been analyzing LNAPL transmissivity tests since the first development of the ASTM standard and has since developed patent-pending methodologies for analyzing tests conducted in fractured rock or with DNAPL.

Camille Carter, Senior Geologist at GEI Consultants, has been working in LNAPL remediation since 2006 and specializes in risk-based LNAPL site management, Conceptual Site Model (CSM) development, and 3D modeling. She has been with GEI for two years, and previously worked for AECOM.

Location: PLEASE note the change of location for this May meeting.  CEMS will be meeting at Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP, 1550 17th Street, Suite 500 (5th Floor), Denver, CO 80202. When entering the building, please proceed to the fifth floor to register with the CEMS representative.

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