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New Perspectives on Horizontal Wells for Assessment and Remediation

Wesley F. Wiley, Principal Geologist, EN Rx, Inc.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021, 11:45am-1pm

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP with a Virtual Option

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Chlorinated and fuel contaminant releases generally occur on developed properties where obstacles exist to prohibit proper and complete assessment and remediation. New horizontal well technologies have dramatically improved the quality, quantity, and density of data collection to complete conceptual site models in inaccessible areas and improve data density in other areas. The recent advancements in horizontal well technologies have made it possible for the well system to be utilized as a permanent, repeatable sampling tool followed by direct and accurate remedial treatment, all accomplished utilizing the same well system.

The specific development is a nested horizontal well system. The horizontal installation provides several benefits, including accessing inaccessible areas but also better performance than the vertical counter parts. The nested function of the well system allows discreteness that facilitates benefits in both the assessment and remedial phases. This presentation will provide the details of the new horizontal well technology, including the key benefits and perspectives that can change when the entire plume can be properly addressed. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate key benefits and illustrate the ability to tackle plumes more efficiently and effectively.

Wesley F. Wiley, P.G., is a Principal Geologist, providing a variety of design and implementation services for EN Rx, Inc. Mr. Wiley graduated from Missouri State University, Springfield, MO with a BS in Geology / Stratigraphy. Mr. Wiley has worked in the environmental industry since 1989 and is a registered professional geologist in Florida. Mr. Wiley has worked as a roustabout on an offshore oil exploration rig, an environmental consultant, a regulator and as a manager for an ISCO treatment company. His primary focus for nearly 29 years has been the characterization, remediation, and project management of impacted sites in a comprehensive effort to cost-effectively mitigate environmental liabilities. Contaminates assessed and treated include petroleum products, manufactured gas plant (MGP) waste, pesticides, herbicides, chlorinated solvents, metals, dioxin, and pentachlorophenol as well as associated daughter products. Mr. Wiley’s area of management expertise includes health and safety, financial management, business development, client, regulatory and employee relations. Key to Mr. Wiley’s success is his wide range of practical experience as a field geologist conducting environmental investigations and implementing remedial strategies. 

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