CEMS Luncheon at Geotech Field Days – Developing Remediation Strategies Using a Quantitative High Resolution Site Characterization Approach – June 22

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Developing Remediation Strategies Using a Quantitative High Resolution Site Characterization Approach

Mike Mazzarese, Senior Remediation Engineer, AST Environmental

Thursday, June 22, 2023, 12:10pm – 1:15pm  (please note the special date and time)

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Lunch will be provided free of charge by Geotech Environmental Equipment before the presentation.  Parking is free.

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CEMS has received one (1) general CLE for this presentation

The qHRSC site investigation approach bridges the gap between traditionally limited soil and groundwater sample sets and qualitative data generated by High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) tools, including the MIP, OIP and UVOST®, and the quantitative data needed for a final optimized in-situ remedial design. The qHRSC process accomplishes this by integrating the existing site data, HRSC data, and a comprehensive Remedial Design Characterization (RDC) sampling program, resulting in the development of a 3-D quantitative model that can be used by the client to make project decisions, set expectations and develop targeted in-situ remedial solutions. By developing a robust, cost effective, and high-density quantitative data set during the RDC, qHRSC minimizes the inherent uncertainty associated with the common practice of attempting to correlate qualitative HRSC instrument readings with sparse quantitative data collected from just a few, off-set borings. This presentation will review the qHRSC and RDC approaches in detail and review domestic and international petroleum hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent projects that have used the tools to develop more concise and accurate quantitative conceptual site models.

Mike Mazzarese is a Senior Remediation Engineer at AST Environmental and has been involved with in-situ remediation for over 20 years. His responsibilities include project management, research and development, remedial assessment and design, field implementation oversight, and post project data analysis for sites in western US, Canada, and Australia. Mike is a dual graduate of Penn State University holding BS and MS degrees in Environmental Engineering. He has previously worked for Vironex, Regenesis, and URS (AECOM) and is currently based in the Denver area.

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