CEMS June Luncheon – Methodology for Combining Remediation Technologies, Temporally, Spatially, and Packaged Solutions – June 21

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CEMS June 21 – Geotech Field Day luncheon – presentation notes

CEMS is having a luncheon presentation at the 10th Annual Geotech Field Days on Thursday, June 21

Topic: Methodology for Combining Remediation Technologies, Temporally, Spatially, and Packaged Solutions

Speaker: Eliot Cooper, Director of Remediation, Technical Solutions Center, Cascade Technical Services

Date/Time: Thursday, June 21, free lunch at noon, presentation from 12:30-1:30pm (no 2nd Tuesday of the month meeting in June)

Location: Geotech Field Days, Geotech Environmental Equipment, 2650 East 40th Avenue, Denver, CO 80205 (registration forms and presentation abstracts are attached below)

Please note that this meeting occurs on Thursday, June 21 (not the second Tuesday of the month)

CEMS will not be applying for a CLE for this presentation

There are multiple technologies that apply both temporal, spatial or integrated remedies
to both chlorinated solvents to petroleum sites, many of which are considered complex.
Combing technologies starts out with a solid understanding of the Conceptual Site Model
(CSM) and in many cases needs to be supplemented with additional traditional soil and
High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) data to understand mass distribution related
to soil and hydrogeological conditions. Then by understanding the technology sweet spots
for source area treatment technology options like thermal, ISCO and ISCR for NAPL, soil and
groundwater mass, the most cost-effective technology or combination of technologies can
be applied.

Eliot is currently Director of Remediation at Cascade Technical Services. He is tasks with supporting consulting clients with applying the most cost effective technologies for chlorinated solvent, petroleum and metal’s source areas and plumes.

Eliot’s background is seasoned with a wide array of industry perspectives and includes over 30 years of experience in regulatory (EPA), consulting (KPMG), and industry (Amoco Oil) and Vironex Field Services.

Eliot was a member of the TRIAD Community of Practice with a mission to expedite the adoption of High Resolution Site Characterization based technologies. He served as a team member for the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) Chemical Oxidation Work Group and participated in development of the current in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) document and associated on-line training. He is currently a member of ITRC’s Complex Sites Team, Advance Site Characterization Team and In Situ Remediation Optimization Team.

He was an advisor on Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program. (SERDP)/Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) projects involving injection models for high volume applications of reagents including emulsified oils and chemical oxidants.  Eliot was also instrumental in developing the “Guidelines for Subsurface Injection of In-situ Remediation Reagents” recently published by the Los Angeles Water Quality Board.

With the acquisition of Vironex and Terratherm by Cascade Environmental, Eliot has been working closely with their thermal experts to develop more cost effective thermal combined remedies.

He brings a wealth of in situ remediation knowledge to the industry and is a valuable resource to those requiring assistance with the design of their remediation solutions. Eliot is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a Masters in Civil Engineering… and his son just got excepted to Harvard Business School.

Location: CEMS hopes you will join us for our monthly meeting on Thursday, June 21 from during the 10th Annual Geotech Field Days.  Lunch starts at noon, and our presentation will run from 12:30-1:30pm. Or, come for the day and check out some of the other interesting presentations during Field Days.  Geotech Field Days Registration Form

Please note we will not be having our regularly scheduled meeting in June. Please see the attachment below to register. CEMS members need to register for FREE with Geotech directly to attend our presentation.  Geotech Field Days Registration Form

MEETING FORMAT: Attendance and lunch at Geotech Field Days is absolutely FREE! Detailed information for all Geotech Field Days presentations with abstracts are attached. Geotech Field Days – Abstracts

RESERVATIONS: You will need to directly register for the Geotech Field Days. CEMS will not be taking reservations this month. A registration form can be found attached below or by following this link:  Geotech Field Days Registration Form

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CEMS June 21 – Geotech Field Day luncheon – presentation notes