Radiation Pros, LLC – Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Essential Qualifications:

·      Extensive experience and proven track record in one of 3 sectors:  1) upstream and/or midstream oil & gas, 2) environmental consulting/engineering, or 3) radioactive materials management/physics.  Water treatment or mining experience is also beneficial.

·      Solid faith – it’s integral to our culture and values; therefore, non-negotiable

·      Ability to immediately impact revenues – a reputation and relationships that further enhance our incredible organic growth.  The right person will pay for themselves over and over again and will be paid accordingly.

·      Strategic thinker with high EQ

To apply for this position, please send your resume, cover letter, and any other information to:

Kurt Rhea | President & CEO

Radiation Pros, LLC

email kurt.rhea@radiationpros.com