About Us

The Colorado Environmental Management Society, formerly Colorado Hazardous Waste Management Society, Inc. (CHWMS), is a nonprofit organization, created in 1985 to provide a forum for the exchange of information concerning technologies, laws and regulations, and other current developments pertaining to environmental health and safety matters and waste management issues.

CEMS membership consists of technical and legal professionals from environmental organizations, the government, academia, industry and the private sector. Members generally work in the environmental, health and safety fields.

CEMS provides information about current environmental health and safety development to its members through newsletters, monthly luncheon meetings, semi-annual workshops, and other reference materials.

Mission Statement

To provide a mechanism for professional enhancement of its members with respect to environmental health and safety (EHS) management. In addition, CEMS seeks to serve government, industry, environmental organizations and individuals in the development and use of prudent EHS management practices in the State of Colorado. It is the intent of the Society to be the premiere non-profit professional EHS management organization in the State.

CEMS’ objectives are to:

– Provide information and promote awareness among members on current developments regarding EHS management.
– Provide appropriate forums for members to exchange information and discuss current developments.
– Provide information and educate CEMS members on EHS management issues through a newsletter, luncheon meetings, workshops and reference information.
– Maintain a membership that is representative of the various disciplines involved in managing environmental and health and safety issues.

In working toward and achieving these objectives, CEMS will provide leadership in developing and maintaining a balance between the interests of business and industry and environmental protection in the State of Colorado.

CEMS Bylaws effective 10-11-2022

Monthly Meetings

The Society has monthly meetings which focus on providing professional development and education opportunities. The monthly meeting is typically held between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. with the first 30 minutes reserved for member networking and lunch and the remaining hour for a presentation focused on an EHS topic. Lunch is provided to the speaker and to those members who have provided RSVP and payment.

The monthly speaker and presentation topic are identified and coordinated by the Programs and Professional Development Committee. One monthly meeting per year is typically reserved for an attorney ethics presentation to allow Society members who are attorneys to obtain their annual ethics continuing education credit. Prior to the presentation, the speaker is introduced to the members by the President.

Speaker Guidelines for Luncheons:

1. An abstract consisting of 1-2 paragraphs describing the presentation topic and what the audience will learn from it is required to be submitted prior to being accepted to speak. Abstracts should be submitted via email to the Programs Committee Chairperson or to any board member (email addresses available at (http://coems.org/leadership).
2. A brief one paragraph bio describing the speaker’s qualification to present on the subject is required to be submitted with the abstract.
3. A PDF copy of the presentation should be submitted one week prior to the speaking date. Exceptions may be made to this on a case by case basis.
4. Our members start to arrive about 11:30am. The meeting begins at 12:00pm and concludes promptly at 1:00pm. You are our guest – so when you arrive, let us know that you are the guest speaker and please don’t pay for lunch!
5. The meeting is called to order at 12:00 by the President, who will give a few announcements and introduce the guest speaker at about 12:05. Speakers have up to 30-45 minutes for their presentation, followed by ten minutes or so of questions and answers.
6. There are typically 50-60 CEMS guests in attendance.
7. Presentations should be non-denominational, non-discriminatory, and non-political.
8. Presentations should be educational and not of a sales nature. Making a “sales pitch” or directly soliciting purchases or donations is not allowed. Sales presentations present conflict of interest issues, and reflect badly upon CEMS and our ability to attract sizeable audiences and quality speakers.
9. Handouts for CEMS members are welcome and encouraged. Our preference is to deliver these electronically prior to the meeting.
10. Please let us know if you have specific needs for your presentation (laptop, slide clicker, special dietary needs).

CEMS Member Guidelines for Luncheons:

1. Doors open at 11:30am. Lunch selections are on a first come first serve basis.
2. For meetings at the US EPA building, be sure and bring a valid ID and note that security screening is similar to that in an airport. Leave your pocket knives at home or in your car.
3. This a great time to network, just not while the speaker is speaking.
4. Please raise hand to ask question, stay at your seat, and please speak loud enough for the room to hear.
5. The speaker has the floor. So please respect them even if you disagree with their presentation and do not approach the speaker or podium until we are done and only in a respectful manner.
6. NOTICE: The use of US EPA space does not constitute the US EPA’s endorsement of CEMS, sponsors of CEMS functions, or the content of CEMS workshops or meetings.
7. The US EPA has an efficient and comprehensive recycling program set up for their office building. Please keep the area neat and place your waste in the following containers:

• Yellow – Compost – food & paper
• Blue – Recycle – empty water bottles, cans, anything plastic with the recycle logo
• Trash – all other, chip bags, forks, etc.

CEMS Statement Regarding Inclusiveness
and Anti-Discrimination

The Colorado Environmental Management Society (CEMS) values diversity in our membership and commits to fostering an organization that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.  Members and membership applicants are not discriminated against because of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, citizenship status, disability, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, medical condition, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

CEMS is a Section 501(c)(06) organization under the IRS code