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Needing a Colorado-based Communications, Marketing or PR Position with an Environmental nonprofit, or a Commercial Company with an Environmental Focus

May 13, 2017


I am submitting my resume and several letters of reference in consideration for a full-time, Colorado-based communications, marketing or PR position with an environmental nonprofit, or a commercial company with an environmental focus. In 2014 I sold the successful publishing segment of my firm, Earth Imaging Journal, which I launched in 2003 and grew into the world’s No. 1 trade journal on remote sensing. During this time, I have worked with NASA, as well as countless nonprofits and universities engaged in environmental issues, ranging from coral reef protection to high-altitude snowpack pollution.

I am a seasoned project management and communications professional with 20 years of experience performing marketing communications, corporate communications, business development, PR and publishing. Since the sale of my magazine, I’ve been providing communications consulting services to select clients. I now seek a professional position in a challenging and collaborative nonprofit environment where I feel my efforts can truly make a difference.

My copy writing and editing skills are second to none, and I always meet all assigned project deadlines. I have extensive experience working successfully with the media and performing community outreach communications. As a professional member of your team, I’ll bring a high degree of competence, creativity, passion and energy to the workplace. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this position—I do not take it for granted.

In Good Health,

Jeff Specht

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